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Latest News

05-Oct-2017 14:41 (CET)
EQBay BETA test

Initial BETA of the offline auction service available for testing now. NOTE: you need to register a trader account before you can use this service. This involves a aimple two step registration process
Once you have completed the steps above you should receive an automatically generated email within a few minutes. This email will confirm the account details you entered and also include a 6 digit confirmation code. This code needs to be sent to the db loader mule character as AN INGAME TELL. Instructions regarding how to do this are included with the registration email. This serves as a mandatory identity verfification for your trader. The main purpose is to keep potential spammers not even playing the game away but will also be needed for planned functionality.
The loader should process the registration within 2-5 Minutes. Right now no additional confirmation related to the completion of the process is sent (please remember that this is very early "work in progress" ).

05-Oct-2017 14:41 (CET)
EQBay coming soon!

I'll roll out a very early BETA of a new service soon: EQBay, an offline auction service where you can offer your wares so that people can see what you are selling, or would like to buy, even when your trader character is not online. More details in due course.

EQBay work in progress screenshot

28-Sep-2017 11:43 (CET)
Thank you for your kind support!

It just gives that warm fuzzy feeling of appreciation much in the same way as all the great feedback I am receiving. I really mean this. This project always was, and is, a labour of love. Having been a player since March 1999, EQ means a lot to me. That and the challenge of building an application like this, from scratch, using and learning tools that I never before had used in my professional career, is the motivation behind the project. It was clear from the outset that there is "no money in this", being a very small nieche and all.

Some background on a few specific details that keep coming up in the, very much appreciated, contact form feedback:

14-Jul-2017 11:35 (CET)
A big thank you to my users!

I'd like to say thanks to all the great people that take the time to provide feedback regarding the site. Your input is absolutely invaluable!

The system behind this web site, despite its bland'ish looks is pretty complex and since I am working on this alone in my spare time, it is hard to root out the issues that creep up, improve usability of the web page and improve accuracy of the data (parsing auctions is a bitch, you people come up with new and interesting ways to announce your auctions in chat every single day and that throws off the database loader's parser quite frequently).
A few things that I am looking into changing or implementing next, based on feedback I got via the contact form:

13-Jul-2017 11:00 (CET)
Items now display with proper case

This is due to a long overdue fix in the backends item tables and the first step towards displaying popup item info similar to what allakhazam does. Note that this change only affects new auctions that have been loaded after this change went live!

8-Jul-2017 15:00 (CET)
Live Auction Ticker available!

The new landing page now is "Live Auction Ticker". You can switch back to the old default "Krono" display by deselecting the "Landing Page: Auction Ticker" option in the sidebar.

4-Jul-2017 12:50 (CET)
Log detail data available

All auction entries now have a small button that can be used to inspect the original log file line that was used to generate the data.
Use "+" to open the detail line and "-" to close it again. Please note that detail data has only been available since about a day ago, older auction entries have no detail data available yet and will always have a "-" icon attached.

1-JuL-2017 15:57 (GMT+1)
More new functionality and site stream lining continues

30-Jun-2017 11:03 (GMT+1)
Pop Under ADS removed

I've decided to kick those. Too many really annoying and some openly nasty adds where being served through that provider. I am still doing this a a service to the community (there is no real money to be earned given the small size of the EQ community anyway) and don't want to drive people off the site with crap like that.

Which leaves me with the problem of the cost for all this. Its not high but it does exist and I really need to find a way to cover it. Either by finding a provider of less intrusive (banner) ads (I've tried all the bigger ones and basically got laughed off "not enough content!" by all of them) or donations. Anyone feel like advertising on the site? ;)

29-Jun-2017 15:30 (GMT+1)
TESTING color coding for prices

Right now this is limited to the item auctions list and to non Krono auctions. Prices are color coded by comparing them to average prices in order of priority: 24h average if one is available, then 5d and then 10d. If no average is available or the price exactly matches the average it is displayed using black as the text color as before. If a sell price is below the average its colored green, if its above the average its colored red. The logic for buy auctions is exactly reversed.

27-Jun-2017 15:30 (GMT+1)

Added the ability to display simple polls on the main display page in order to be able to ask for user input in a much more convenient form than by asking you to fill in the contact form. Polls are completely anonymous! All we do is store a time stamp and your choice.

The first poll is about whether you prefer the current landing page display (listing current Krono auctions) or whether you'd prefer a list just displaying recent auctions, regardless of item (a request I received several times via the contact form).

The next poll will probably concern the dreaded "Ads vs. Donations vs. Complete Freebie" issue :)

26-Jun-2017 13:00 (GMT+1)

Sorry about this!. But maintaining this site has a cost associated with it. There is the hosting itself, the cost for the domain and the ssl certificate etc. Add one computer being on 24/7 mostly to provide the data feed. There is daily work involved makeing sure the feeds are up, the server is ok, checking backups and so on. I am not even going to start on the huge amount of work that went into creating all this (and still, allthough to a lesser degree, does) because it was a labour of love. Anyway, if I am to keep this site up for about 9 months from now (until the "Luclin" expansion goes live on the server and an external auction tracker becomes irrelevant) I'd like to try and at least recover some of the cost. One way to do this is of course ads. I am trying to add this as non-intrusively as possible (pop under and maybe later on a banner or two). An alternative would be asking for donations and I'd be more than happy for any feedback (contact form!) from users as to what they would prefer (and whether they'd be willing to donate a few dollars here and there to keep the site running ;) )

I just received a complaint about a disruptive pop under add (going fullscreen, preventing the user from closing it etc.) that was placed on the site. The last thing I want to do is drive you people off the site with stuff like this so if you come across any such disruptive/annoying advert I'd like to ask you to please use the contact from and let me know the details if possible so I can get that advertiser blocked. Thank you very much!

23-Jun-2017 14:00 (GMT+1)
NEW FUNCTIONALITY: the main auctions display now has clickable trader entries for your convenience. Simply click the name of a trader to see their latest auctions listed.

21-Jun-2017 11:12 (GMT+1)
Unfortunately the loader suffered a network disconnect tonight. Its been restarted now and all the auctions that were missed during the past few hours are being fed into the database as I type this.

Web application 0.8.7 released: this version has seen quite a changes to the user interface hopefully providing better navigation.