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Information and usage hints


This is currently a very early beta test version. I would not normally release any software to the public with this little prior testing. Given that this web site has only about 4 months of useful life left (and god knows if there will be another TLP in the future) I decided to make it available for testing anyway. There will probably be quite a few quirks, bugs, ommissions, whatever: any feedback that helps to make it more useful and functional is much appreciated.

The initial release being live now only scratches the surface of what I'd like to do: you can simply post auctions on this site as if it was some kind of blackboard. The effect is that players can see what your trader is offering, or what you'd like to buy, while you are offline and possibly contact you in-game later on in order to make a deal. Thats it. Future additions (depending on my time and how much interest the service actually generates) will allow players to actually generate "contracts" on the site and then fulfill those once they are online.

NOTE: you need to register a trader account before you can use this service. This involves a aimple two step registration process Once you have completed the steps above you should receive an automatically generated email within a few minutes. This email will confirm the account details you entered and also include a 6 digit confirmation code. This code needs to be sent to the db loader mule character as AN INGAME TELL. Instructions regarding how to do this are included with the registration email. This serves as a mandatory identity verfification for your trader. The main purpose is to keep potential spammers, probably not even playing the game, away but will also be needed for planned functionality.

The loader should process the registration within 2-5 Minutes. Right now no additional confirmation related to the completion of the process is sent (please remember that this is very early "work in progress" ).

Password Change: You can change your trader password from within EQ by sending a tell with the $command "$password your_new_password" to Aririn. Please note that this does not do any sanity checks on passwords right now, its your own reponsibility (and in your own interest I guess) to chose something of reasonable length and complexity.

Filters: You can apply filtering to the live auction ticker display using the Filter tab above the list. The default setting is ALL which simply displays all auctions (no filtering applied). If you select a class by clicking on its abbreviation in the drop down then only auctions related to items useable by the selected class(es) plus all items useable by all classes. If you only want to see class only items you can click the "Exclusive" checkbox on the top right. Clicking on ALL again will remove all class filters and revert to the default display.

Auction Data: All data is captured from live in game logs. All auction chat lines are parsed are loaded into our database if they check a few basic validations.

Where is my auction?: Parsing the EverQuest auction chat is not as easy as it might seem. There is significant variation in the sentences that players use for their auctions and while the parser does a credible job of deciphering a good percentage of them, its not perfect.

So, to get back to the question: "Where is my auction?" It simply might not have parsed for some reason. The most common reasons why parsing can fail are:

a.) Stacks and multiple items in general : we dont process anything that looks like a stack or auctions that deal with more than one item in general. If an auction contains something like this: "5x krono" it will be dropped. Please don't confuse this with multiple auctions in one single line: that is perfectly fine! The reason is that there are so many ways in which players specify the details here (is the price meant for one item or all of them for example) that the chances of parser errors are pretty high.
b.) Items with stats: auction lines that contain text like "50AC 5Str 10Dex" etc. will most likely make the price detection of the parser fail.
c.) You already auctioned the same item for the same price within the last 24h. We try to void cluttering our database with redundant auctions because all that does is degrade performance. For this reason the parser/loader will only upload auctions with identical item/trader/buysell/price combinations once every day. Don't worry though: If you change your price intra day those auctions will be captured!

Prices: Prices will usually be in straight pp. An exception are auctions where the buyer/seller specifies "Krono": these will be listed with "kr" appended (e.g 5kr)

Averages: This is somewhat problematic. First, for now the averages displayed only take pp auctions into consideration. More importantly though, there will unfortunately always be people making unreasonable (to downright ludicrous) buy/sell offers, by accident but also in order to manipulate the averages displays. The application takes some measures to try and detect such auctions but this cannot be 100% fool proof. So, please take the averages with a grain of salt, ok?